Set to the famous score by Maurice Ravel, composed for a ballet in 1928, the choreography echoes this work, which consists of a theme and counter-theme repeated within a continuous orchestral crescendo.

With its fluid, sensual movements, the dance matches the music in a way that enables us to appreciate the qualities of each dancer, and at the same time observe a unity in the overall dynamics. Inspired by Spanish-Arab themes, the melody transports the dance into a timeless universe, in which the dancers are carried away by the hypnotic rhythms. At first subtle and delicate, the movement gradually gives way to powerful gestures encouraged by collective emulation. Each dancer successively enters the mesmerising whirl, abandoning themselves to a very physical, and even carnal choreography.

Choreography: Julien Lestel

Music: Maurice Ravel

Lighting: Lo-Ammy Vaimatapako

Duration: 15 min