Dream is a thoroughly modern show... a strong mix of energy, grace and beauty. For seventy-five minutes, the spectator floats weightlessly, no longer aware of humdrum preoccupations, but projected into a poetic and regenerative universe.

Le Point, Jérôme Béglé

Dream is powerful, gutsy choreographic work, full of life, performed by eleven highly skilled dancers.

La Terrasse, Agnès Isrine

Dream reflects Julien Lestel's entire universe, a subtle combination of sensuality and artistry. Reconciling the languages of contemporary and classical dance, Julien Lestel leads his dancers, as an esemble or a duo, to a place where, like in a passionate love affair, they are both invincible yet completely vulnerable.

Fréquence-Sud, Noémie Roudaut et Didier Philispart

The bittersweet daydreams, both refined and brusque, reveal artistry of great poxer.

Danser, Michel Odin