Rarely have I seen an audience so enthralled by a choreography. We are astonished by Julien Lestel's powerful  imagination. This ballet can be watched time and time again with great pleasure.

Danser, Michel Odin

A single movement in unison, arms opening and closing like fans, or the ceases in the bellows of the bandoeon, against a black background. A single movement decomposed and trembling like Duchamp's well-known naked figure descending a staircase.

La Revue Marseillaise du Théâtre, ...

This ballet is without doubt a masterpiece. Julien Lestel has created a very contemporary choreography whilst retaining the heritage of the past masters.

Danser, Paolo Fargues

Bodies emerge and flow effortlessly. The dancers move as one. Yet, despite this union, Julien Lestel leaves space for individual brilliance. Solos and duos are constantly present in the choreography which is sober yet delightfully sensual.

La Provence, Aliénor Lefèvre