With 'nothing', Julien Lestel has just concocted another masterpiece. Nothing (...), there is only dance, and dance only, the best dance that we can find today.

Danse Magazine, Michel Odin

There is but breathless silence or simple words that can express our feelings when faced with this fabulous combination 'Puccini song-dance' by the 11 dancers of the Compagnie Julien Lestel.

ladepeche.fr -Saint-Pierre,

Deeply silent and collected throughout the performance, the audience exulted during the applause and gave an ovation to this excellent company in Marseille.

www.arts-spectacles.com, Philippe Oualid

Julien Lestel who has the privilege of dancing with his own company, masters his art with precision.

L'indépendant, Caroline Lemaître