Set to S. Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto no. 2, this choreography proves powerful, profound and explosive. Three movements, three colours, reflecting the emotions the composer went through while writing the concerto. This composition helped him emerge from the depression he suffered following the failure of his first symphony which was pulled apart by ruthless criticism. 

In this ballet, the gestures express the passage through despair towards a renewed vitality. In the first movement, whose tone is serious and tortured, the composer revisits the painful moments of his life, yet in the spirit of overcoming them. The second movement is marked by subtlety and delicacy, as the musician gently reacclimatises himself to life and remains hopeful, despite the fragility of his condition. Lastly the finale sounds like an imperative return to life, full of tenderness and overflowing joy.

Choreography: Julien Lestel

Music: Sergueï Rachmaninov

Lighting: Lo-Ammy Vaimatapako

Duration: 35 min