In this feline, sensuous choreography, we see a dancer facing himself. His way of dancing expresses his inner being and carries us into his imaginary world. Half-man, half-animal, he comes from another place: a kind of fantasy character who might come from the sea or spring up from the desert. He can be seen either in semi-darkness or bathed in light throughout this intimate, timeless ballet.

Here, the body is devoid of all restraint. The powerful, supple, undulating movements give an impression of both strength and lightness. The gestures are touched with delicacy, as is the music which accompanies them in this Adagio assai from the concerto in G major by Maurice Ravel. The music starts with the piano alone, to be progressively joined by the orchestra, giving the piece an atmosphere of serenity and freedom.

Choreography: Julien Lestel

Music: Maurice Ravel

Duration: 08 min