This choreography is a ballet within a ballet, in which we discover the work of the choreographer who interprets his own role with his dancers. The audience becomes a part of the creative process of the work they are watching.

We see the choreographer accompany and guide his dancers, who are borne along by their emotions. Through this progression, the artist tries to represent a human-being’s journey: his struggles, joys and pain, all the different emotions he feels, including the deepest. Thus, the choreography reveals a part of human intimacy which is often kept secret. As the link between him and his performers is intense, it is also about transmission and sharing, but this does not mean that the audience is left out. On the contrary, they are prompted to enter a universe which is familiar to them, because an echo of their own emotions is set in motion. 

Choreography: Julien Lestel

Music: Max Richter

Lighting: Lo-Ammy Vaimatapako

Duration: 65 min