The body as a means for expressing the stirring of soul and passions, and also as a prop to bolster the artist's own fantasies is Julien Lestel's constant and unlimited source of inspiration. Rodin has the movement, rythm and impulse that reveals the full diversity of human expresions.

artsixMic, .

In a regular, precise rhythm, the dancers glide and mingle with highly synchronised movements symbolising those represented in Rodin's statues, full of expressive energy. A great success !

Bruno Rozga, .

Julien Lestel is a highly original choreographer. His work flows smoothly, well designed and reeling out spontaneously.

Gravity, lightness, power, intensity, gentleness, balance, immobility: great prowess for any dancer.

All the dancers are incredible.

Danser, Nicolas Villodre

The choreographer has succeeded in expressing the sculptor's soul, reading Rodin's inner thoughts and revealing his secrets to the public. This results in the dance capturing the inherent quality of the sculptures; the spiritual takes form.

Simply sublime.

Le sens critique, .