The body as a means for expressing the stirring of soul and passions, and also as a prop to bolster the artist’s own fantasies, was indeed, throughout Rodin’s career, an endless source of inspiration in his quest for a dialogue between the classical ideal of beauty and the mystery of nature.

Inspired by the great sculptor, the choreographer Julien Lestel projects himself in the movement that emanates from all Rodin’s works and in this creation, Julien explores notions of impulse, flight, gravity and balance in an endeavour to recreate the quintessential truth about the human body.

Choreography : Julien Lestel

Music : Ólafur Arnalds, Kerry Muzzey and musical création by Iván Julliard

Lighting : Lo-Ammy Vaimatapako

Costumes : Patrick Murru

Duration : 60 min